And in 2016 I had no hope for my financial future.

I was 34 with $28k in debt, $0 in savings, and under $19k in retirement. I moved in with my boyfriend because I thought it would be easier financially, but instead I began to feel trapped and helpless. 

I constantly felt anxious about money because I hadn’t “figured it out” by now and I hated the weight of being in debt. 

I decided I needed to learn everything I could about personal finances…ASAP. I taught myself how to budget, took on extra work, and managed to pay off all of my debt in just 8 months!

I felt so free, empowered and liberated that it inspired me to teach others what I had learned on a much faster timeline!

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"This programĀ allowed me to see where I am spending most of my money, what behaviors I needed to change, and figure out what I needed to do in order to start paying off my debt. For me, it was a great wake up call and sense of clarity. Now I know how to move forward this year and make better money decisions."

Janine H.
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"I knew I needed help getting my finances in order and Tawnya did just that! The education and information she helped me with was exactly what I needed to get myself in order and I am beyond appreciative of her and her knowledge."

Analece G.